Possible Personal Growth Areas that can be addressed

  1. ADDING VALUE –Learn how to provide clients with the most effective services by analyzing how you can improve your approach.
  2. BALANCE – Discover how to find time for both your professional career and personal life. Make a decision to live both with joy and fulfillment.
  3. CAREER – Careers come and go. If you want to advance, change, or prepare for the next step, Avoid stagnancy and grow – no matter the circumstances. Whether you have your own private practice, work for an agency, or are involved in something entirely different, I have recommendations.
  4. EFFECTIVENESS – If you don’t have the keys, you can’t unlock the door. Being effective is similar. Learn how to help your clients acquire the right set of keys using effective techniques based on the NLP approach.
  5. EXCELLENCE –Be the best that you can be. I can help!
  6. INFLUENCE – Make your own goal to be an inspiring mental health professional rather than one who manipulates and coerces.
  7. INNOVATION – Creativity is the name of the game. I call it “backpack counseling.” I have a wealth of interventions and can show you how to apply the right ones at the right time, so you can achieve optimal success.
  8. LEADERSHIP – Leadership skills help people get ahead. You can learn how to take the initiative, develop a vision, empower, model, and direct your clients to health and wellness.
  9. MANAGEMENT – Explore how to plan, work with personal issues, and problem-solve. Get more out of your time and your day with useful techniques that I’ve discovered over the past 20 years. Make your career a success.
  10. MASTERY – Mastering the art of counseling or therapy is highly rewarding and fulfilling. Finding out what holds you back from the life and career you desire.
  11. NETWORKING –Share dozens of networking skills and resources that will enable you to get your name out in the public.
  12. PROFESSIONALISM – I can help you apply high standards and follow your professional code of ethics. Integrity is a major part of a successful business.
  13. PROFIT– While serving your clients is important, making money is equally as important. I can provide ideas to ensure you are paid what you are worth, while still being ethical.
  14. SYSTEMS – Time management skills and organization make work run more smoothly. Whether you want to push forward or relax, let me share some of my techniques with you.
  15. VISION – Without a vision you won’t know where to go or you may head in the wrong direction. I can help you figure it out.

Do you experience any of the following?

I know what I want to do but talk myself out of it.
I don’t stick to my priorities.
My personal/professional relationships are not as fulfilling as I would like.
I would be more successful if I made a plan and executed it.
I am ready to use my talents and intelligence in more meaningful ways.
My personal beliefs and values are important; I want to honor them.
I want to take my life to a new level of quality.
I am ready for change but don’t know where to start.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the results I want.
I need encouragement to feel more motivated.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then, coaching may be for you.