I can offer either or both NLP training and NLP coaching.

TRAINING – I offer one-to-one training through the iNLP Center. The training provides a series of NLP courses that guide students through the learning and implementation of NLP strategies in their personal life and profession.

Students who enroll in this training want to learn NLP for personal insight, to incorporate NLP into their counseling or coaching work, or to start a new career as an NLP Life Coach. There are three options from which to choose. The courses can be viewed at http://inlpcenter.org.

NLP Practitioner Training
This level of training provides a comprehensive understanding of NLP techniques and models. The course is for anyone who would like to integrate NLP into their current career.

  • NLP Master Practitioner Training
    This level covers advanced NLP models. The course is for anyone who has already taken the NLP Practitioner Training and would like to learn more.
  • NLP Practitioner & Master Combo
    This course is for anyone who wishes to enroll in a combination of the above courses.

The Practitioner Training and the Master Practitioner Training have 10 modules each. It includes 50 minute, one-on-one Skype sessions in addition to homework assignments. The Combo course would have 20 modules and costs.


  • Consultation regarding a difficult client or case
  • Personal growth