iNLP Center Review: Seven Upsides and One Downside

I certainly have not been adding to the blog lately, have I? It’s nice to get back to blogging! And it’s appropriate to begin with a review of the iNLP Center. The iNLP Center offers NLP practitioner and master practitioner training online. I’ve recently competed three levels of training there with lead NLP trainer, Mike […]

The Mental Health Profession and Racism

 I have thought a lot about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial which led me to thinking about mental health professionals and how one’s belief system regarding people of color affects his or her assessment and treatment philosophy. I also wonder whether or not a mental health professional, who was born and raised in this society, […]

A transitional model of human behavior

A transactional view of human behavior makes good sense to me. In terms of coaching or counseling that means a client comes to a session with his or her history and current issues as does the coach or counselor. Together, they interact in a given environment both physical and emotional and it is within that framework […]

Why A Change In View?

 While I still believe that clients can and do benefit from an outside perspective and that congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regard encourage change, I am troubled with the traditional medical model approach, which says the problem is the client needing to be diagnosed, treated, and cured. I view clients more holistically and positively rather than […]