iNLP Center Review: Seven Upsides and One Downside

I certainly have not been adding to the blog lately, have I? It’s nice to get back to blogging! And it’s appropriate to begin with a review of the iNLP Center. The iNLP Center offers NLP practitioner and master practitioner training online. I’ve recently competed three levels of training there with lead NLP trainer, Mike […]

The Mental Health Profession and Racism

 I have thought a lot about the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial which led me to thinking about mental health professionals and how one’s belief system regarding people of color affects his or her assessment and treatment philosophy. I also wonder whether or not a mental health professional, who was born and raised in this society, […]

A transitional model of human behavior

A transactional view of human behavior makes good sense to me. In terms of coaching or counseling that means a client comes to a session with his or her history and current issues as does the coach or counselor. Together, they interact in a given environment both physical and emotional and it is within that framework […]

Why A Change In View?

 While I still believe that clients can and do benefit from an outside perspective and that congruence, empathy, and unconditional positive regard encourage change, I am troubled with the traditional medical model approach, which says the problem is the client needing to be diagnosed, treated, and cured. I view clients more holistically and positively rather than […]

Food for Thought

Let me introduce myself and explain the rationale for the Food for Thought blog. I have been licensed, as an MFT for 23 years ago and have worked in the mental health field for 30 years.  Primarily, my work has been with elementary school students and their families. Over time, I pondered many questions: Why were certain children […]