Dr. Janice Walton, LMFT

Dr. Walton has a PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of WA and CA. Dr. Walton is also a certified coach as well as a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. In addition, she currently teaches Psychology courses for several online universities.

Previously, Dr. Walton oversaw a community-based outreach program sponsored by a local police department. The Counseling Program addressed a broad range of problems for at-risk children and their families. In that capacity, she not only directed the program, which included training and supervision of interns, but also counseled clients. The interns provided crisis intervention and family, group, or one-on-one counseling at school sites. Dr. Walton also developed a diversion program for first time offenders, created a program for high-school dropouts, and taught a drug education program to elementary school children.

Dr. Walton’s focus has evolved from counseling to NLP coaching over the years for several reasons. Those reasons include:

  • Insurance companies often determine the types of therapy and the number of sessions that can be provided. These decisions are based on payment schedules and services deemed reimbursable rather than the client’s best interest.
  • The Court and other program requirements are made based on standard criteria rather than the interests of the client, as well.
  • The focus of traditional counseling on dysfunction rather than on health and positivity.

Dr. Walton’s goal is to support mental health professionals by providing them with effective techniques, which they can add to their toolbox of resources.