Life Goes On

Gosh, it’s been seven months since last I posted. Where did the time go? I moved to a smaller apartment and bought a smaller car. My husband got COVID at the memory care facility, was hospitalized, and died in January. He was cremated and everything that needs to be done has been done.

Having him at home was painful, but so was having him in the facility. Because of the pandemic, I saw him only a few times, but each time he seemed to have deteriorated both physically and mentally. Phone conversations were harder to have and communication with the facility about him was less than adequate. I couldn’t be with him when he died and we have not yet had a memorial service yet – but soon.

After watching him change for four years, I thought that I was prepared for his death, but after five months of being on my own some days are just plain difficult. I have a great support system and keep busy, but the evenings are the hardest when we took a walk, watched television, or worked on a puzzle together. I can’t say I want the person he became back, but I sure do miss the person he was.

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