I Miss Him

After struggling with his issues caused by Alzheimer’s disease for four years, I recently placed my husband of 62 years in a memory care facility.

On one hand, it was the hardest decision I ever made; on the other hand, I couldn’t manage his behaviors, and the responsibility to ensure he was safe any longer.

He wasn’t a wanderer but every evening around 4:30, the sundowning began and he became a very disagreeable, aggressive man no one could handle.

So, he has been in memory care community for about 3 ½ weeks. We talk almost every day, but I haven’t been able to visit him because of the COVID virus.

I don’t miss the constant questions and his saying the same thing over and over, the mood swings, the loss of memory – both short and term, and the constant worry, but I do miss the person he was. The person I shared my life with for so many years – the laughs, the special moments, and the struggles This was never in my game plan.

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