iNLP Center Review: Seven Upsides and One Downside

inlp center reviewI certainly have not been adding to the blog lately, have I? It’s nice to get back to blogging! And it’s appropriate to begin with a review of the iNLP Center.

The iNLP Center offers NLP practitioner and master practitioner training online. I’ve recently competed three levels of training there with lead NLP trainer, Mike Bundrant.

In truth, the TL Corner website would not exist if it were not for strategies learned in the iNLP Center’s Practitioner Training. I wanted a website for years; but, found every reason and excuse in the world to keep myself from moving forward.

Then, I learned an NLP strategy that allowed me to set aside the negative self-talk and move forward. . .literally the next day. One month later, the TL Corner was online!

For this review, let’s talk about the 7 Upsides and 1 Downside of the iNLP Center, according to me.

iNLP Center: 7 UPSIDES

1. What drew me to the site in the first place was Mike Bundrant’s honesty and forthrightness about what to expect in terms of NLP and the training: it’s not a cure-all and it does take effort. I have found it more than worth the effort and appreciate the iNLP Center’s “no-hype” policy.

2. Online NLP Practitioner Training. This is one of the NLP certifications I did. The course was well organized and user-friendly. I also found the material practical and relatively easy to apply to my life and my practice working with clients.If you want a guided training experience, iNLP has those options as well. They are more expensive, but come with individual training sessions over Skype.

3. Personal Development Program. The iNLP Center includes its comprehensive personal development program when you enroll in NLP training. I found these modules to be very useful, especially the AHA Solution, which presents a unique perspective on self-sabotage.

4. The online format allowed me to take the courses at my leisure and when I had time. This was a must for me.

5. Mike Bundrant – the co-founder and lead trainer – has been in the business for over 20 years and knows what he is talking about. He made it clear that anytime I had questions, he would personally see to it that I got answers. And he did just that.

6. The online learning modules were easy to understand and well-written. They are being updated regularly. Best of all, I could contact a trainer to address any questions I had along the way and always received a prompt reply.

7. The assignments were experience-oriented and meaningful. I learned how to use the techniques by doing them. I also enjoyed the “stealth missions” which showed me how to learn and apply NLP throughout the course of my normal day.


The iNLP Center does NOT offer in-person, classroom-style training. So, if this is a must for you, then iNLP is not an option. Hopefully they will develop some in-person programs in the near future.

As a therapist, coach, and person, I found the trainings to be most valuable – providing techniques that can be used in all aspects of life and career. And, I wanted to share my experience and the site with you:

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