Are you a coach, mental health professional, addiction counselor, online therapist, or social worker? Have you ever been unable to help a difficult client? Are you stuck in your career?

If you are stressed because of career demands, personal demands, and difficult clients, I can help. During my 30 years as a therapist, supervisor, coach, and teacher, I have experienced most of these same challenges and obstacles, and just as I learned how to deal with these problems so can you.


Keys to solving those challenges and obstacles are training and coaching.

  • Training presents an opportunity to expand your knowledge and augment what you have already learned.
  • Coaching enhances your personal and professional growth.
Dr. Janice Walton, LMFT
Dr. Janice Walton, LMFT


The training I provide is offered through the iNLP Center. The Center offers online and individualized NLP certification. As a trainer, I teach the following:

  1. One-on-one NLP Practitioner Course. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of NLP techniques and models.
  2. One-on-one Masters Level Course. This course offers unique models of human development and communication to place NLP techniques in a useful context.
  3. A combination of the two previously mentioned courses.

The NLP training offers these advantages:

  • It can supplement your current expertise.
  • It leads to certification and can be used for continuing education credit. The iNLP Training Center is an approved continuing education provider for NAADAC, ICF, CAMFT, and others.
  • To learn more about the iNLP Center and the courses offered, visit the iNLP website.


The coaching I provide also uses NLP strategies. As your coach, I can provide options for helping you work effectively with a difficult client or help you with your own professional and personal growth.

  • The difficult client - For example, Tomas is addicted to the computer. He spends many hours online every night. Tomas has made progress, but the traditional strategies are not as effective as you would like. Based on my NLP training, I can teach you how to access the root of his compulsive behavior and effect change.
  • Personal and professional growth – For example, Keera has been a licensed mental health counselor at domestic violence agency for five years. She really wants to have a private practice but has dozens of excuses for not starting. I know of an NLP technique that can forever quiet those doubts and help create the private practice she desires.